Spacer block

The spacer provides a simple way to create some empty vertical whitespace.

Apart from all the default and common properties, this block only has the special property height, which should be set to the height of your spacer in pixels.

Spacer block properties

Property Value Desc.
type "spacer" Property to identify the spacer block
height integer The height of the spacer in pixels. Default is 50 pixels
container object Get access to the table cell that houses this block
margin mixed Whitespace around the block
padding mixed Whitespace around the block, this whitespace will have a background
background object The background of the block.


A complete example of a spacer block is shown below.

    "from" : "",
    "subject" : "Email with two images",
    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type" : "spacer",
            "height" : 50
        } ]

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