Property embed

The embed property is used inside video blocks to indicate whether the video should be embedded in the webversion of the document.

It is important to realize that the majority of the email clients do not support embedded video's. To overcome this, the ResponsiveEmail service always replaces the actual video with one image frame from that video. The 'embed' property is thus normally ignored. The only time when the embed property is respected is when the web version of the email is generated, because the web version of an email is opened in a browser, and not in an email client.

    "from" : "",
    "subject" : "Email with a single video",
    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type"   : "video",
            "source" : "",
            "embed"  : true
        } ]

For more information and more examples, please check the documentation of video blocks.

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