Property icon

The property icon allows you to set the type and size of the platform icon for the follow and share blocks. The property value should be a nested JSON object. The following table lists all sub-properties of the icon property:

Icon properties

Property Value Description
type string The type / flavour of the icon. The default value is "rounded". All supported values are: "flower", "glossy", "grey", "leaf", "polygon", "rectangular", "rounded", "roundedcorners", "waterdrop".
size number The size of the icon. The default value is 32.


The following input JSON shows an icon basic usage in a follow block:

    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type"      : "follow",
            "label"     : "Follow us!",
            "align"     : "left",
            "icon"      : {
                "type"      : "rounded",
                "size"      : 32
            "platforms" :  {
                "facebook" :  ""
        } ]

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