Property params

When you are sending commercial emails, you might want to add tracking variables to your links, or include custom query strings, for instance to prefill a webform on your landing page with subscriber details. The API allows you to add any of these, on every level, using the link property params. This property accepts another object, containing the names and values of the URL parameters to be added.

    "subject" : "link example",
    "from" : "",
    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type" : "button",
            "label" : "Click me!",
            "link" : {
                "url" : "",
                "params" : {
                    "utm_source"    : "",
                    "utm_medium"    : "email",
                    "utm_term"      : "shoes+cars+ducks",
                    "utm_content"   : "textlink",
                    "utm_campaign"  : "winter-campaign"
        } ]

The responsive email API ensures that all the supplied parameters are encoded and appended to the URL, split by & ampersands.

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