Property rewrite

The rewrite property is one of a special kind. It allows you to define specific rules to overwrite content set in the input JSON. When the email is generated, the mail is scanned for certain matches, and the replacement code is inserted instead.

Currently the API only allows you to specify rewrite rules for hyperlinks, but more options will be added as this API is under constant development.

Rewrite properties

Property Value Desc.
links object Specify links that should be rewritten.

Where to use?

The rewrite property can be set as a top level property. If you use it in the root of the JSON document, the rewrite rules will be applied to all content and all blocks in the mail. You can also use the rewrite property inside specific blocks, for example inside a HTML block, link block or a button block. In that case the rewrite rules will only be applied on the block it was used in.

    "name" : "template13",
    "subject" : "This email has links",
    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type" : "html",
            "content" : "Content with <a href=\"\">hyperlinks</a>"
        } ]
    "rewrite": {
        "links": [
                "regex": ".*",
                "params": {
                    "utm_medium" : "apple"

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