Property a

The a property is a very advanced property inside link blocks, button blocks and image blocks that gives you direct access to the HTML <a> tag. If you want to set custom CSS properties or if you want to add attributes to the <a> tag that are not supported by the responsive API, you can use the a property for it.

Inside the a property you can use the css and attributes sub properties to change the <a> tag. Please keep in mind that the a property is a very advanced property, and that you normally do not have to make any changes to the <a> tag that is generated by the responsive API. In a normal input JSON document, you will therefore not see the a property.

Supported sub properties

Property Value Description
css object Add custom css to the a tag
attributes object Add custom HTML attributes to the a tag

Example use

    "from" : "",
    "subject" : "Email with a single button",
    "content" : {
        "blocks" : [ {
            "type" : "button",
            "label" : "Button",
            "link" : "",
            "a": {
                "attributes" : {
                    "rel" : "nofollow"
                "css" : {
                    "margin-right": "10px"
        } ]

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