Property name

The property name can be used to identify the template. This is a meta property, and therefore does not have any effect on either the headers or the contents of the email. This property can be useful if you want to give a name to your template to easily identify it.

There are no restrictions to the name, and the name does not even have to be unique (although it probably is a good idea to use unique names for your templates). This is an optional property.


The following input JSON contains a very simple example template the top two properties are its name and description. Both the name and description properties are meta properties that are not used by the API to generate the email, but that may be helpful to identify and/or describe the template.

  "name": "Name of the template",
  "description": "Description of the template",
  "from": "",
  "subject": "Example email",
  "background": {
    "color": "#f3f3f3"
    "content": {
      "blocks": [
            "type": "text",
            "content": "This is an example email"
            }, {
              "type": "image",
              "src": ""

The property name can be used to give the template a name. Both the name and the description are top level properties.

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